Natural Gas Replacement

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Renewable energy sources like wind and solar play a critical role in carbon reduction. But the power they supply can fluctuate. Cummins offers an innovative grid-balancing solution that quickly converts excess renewable energy into hydrogen as a natural gas replacement.

Grid balancing.

Grid balancing

We’re working with leading utility companies worldwide to pioneer natural gas replacement and storage solutions. Our electrolyzers are capable of quickly modulating electrical energy input (under one second) over the total power range, making them ideal for grid balancing. Cummins is also developing a new generation of PEM electrolyzers to meet the future demands of power-to-gas systems.

Cost and climate effective.

Cost and climate effective

The benefits of hydrogen as a natural gas replacement are numerous. By leveraging existing infrastructure to convert and store renewable energy, our technology is among the most cost-effective ways to fight climate change.

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The energy can be stored for several days, weeks, or even years. And it’s highly scalable. Not restricted to any land type, our solutions can be installed wherever power and gas grids are present.

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