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Shipbuilders and sailors all over the world depend on Cummins engines and generators to power their vessels. Whether you're on the water for fun, profit, or adventure (or all three), you know that Cummins has you covered.

Esteemed marine author Alan Haig-Brown writes the interesting and insightful vessel references listed below, complete with contact information if you want to know more about each installation.

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With a beautiful design, the Back Cove 37 is long-range cruiser for extended voyages that's also great for day-tripping with friends, representing excellent value and fuel economy for every boating lifestyle. By Lisa Overing Photos by Billy Black  
The 38 Sportsman is Huckins Yachts’ 459th hull and the company’s first production boat. This semi-custom vessel offers the boat owner with the most modern and fuel-efficient propulsion options, complementing individual cruising lifestyles with hybrid, diesel or electric power.
With new reports expressing concern over the 2020 Bristol Bay salmon season and Covid-19, there was only optimistic excitement as Washington State’s Velocity Marine. In early May, sea trails were being held for their latest boat, the Pointe Steele. Following that, owner Mel Mathews will be making the long run north, through Canada, Southeast and the Gulf of Alaska, with the 32 by 16-foot aluminum beauty to arrive in time for the June fishery.
Designed in South Africa, built in South Africa, and owned in South Africa. Currently under construction the pair of 2000 HP, 19.3 by 7.25-meter tugs will be a proud addion to the fleet of South Africa’s Transnet National Ports Authority. The South African matitime design and building capabilities are well established and this new vessel will add to that strong base.
The Dalmatian coast of Croatia is an island strewn and convoluted maze that forms the eastern border of the Adriatic Sea. It has, at least since Roman times, been a haven for fishermen, traders, and, significantly, summer homes. The Roman emperor Diocletian’s retirement palace became the core of the modern city of Split.
Cruise ships come in all sizes from multi-thousands of passengers to a few dozen. But they divide into two general groups. The big mega ships with endless entertainment onboard and the more rugged small expedition cruisers capable of getting into the interesting nooks and crannies of a coast.
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