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Shipbuilders and sailors all over the world depend on Cummins engines and generators to power their vessels. Whether you're on the water for fun, profit, or adventure (or all three), you know that Cummins has you covered.

Esteemed marine author Alan Haig-Brown writes the interesting and insightful vessel references listed below, complete with contact information if you want to know more about each installation.

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Since the days of wooden hulls and human power, lifeboat crews have put to sea through dangerous surf to save the lives of their fellow seamen. The first engine-powered boats allowed decks and cabins that afforded a greater level of safety. When the US Coast Guard developed their 47-foot surf boat in the late 1990s, it set a whole new standard for lifeboats.
Ocean science is in high demand by scientists studying ocean acidification, wave energy, seabed composition, changing water temperatures, fish populations and dozens of other research projects. The Oregon State University (OSU) has a proud history in the field. The wide variety of research project require a variety of vessels.
Successful fishermen have long demonstrated a respect for tradition and a willingness to test new water and new technologies. Mr. Richard Hards and Mr. George Jacks, of Pecheurs Eccosse Limited in Inverness, Scotland, demonstrate that balance with their new catamaran vessel, the Sharon Anne.
Bunkering ports around the world have long used a variety of small tankers or tug and barge combinations to deliver fuel to visiting ships. Mostly this was heavy oil, but recently a new breed of bunkering vessels is emerging to deliver clean burning LNG to modern ships with dual-fuel capabilities.
Joey Rodriguez has seen the ups and downs of the boat building business at his Rodriguez Shipbuilding in Coden Alabama. For a time, there was huge demand for big steel Gulf Shrimp boats and then the oil industry ramped up and kept him busy with a variety of tugboats. Then came the crash in oil prices and the crash in demand for towboats. Joey shuttered his yard for a year and a half.
It has been said that if you want a versatile, practical, and safe boat, go to an islander. With multiple generations on the Isle of Škoj in the Adriatic off the Croatian city of Split, Luka, the youngest of the Colnago family, is a noted designer and builder. His latest work, the Colnago 45 Pilot, is one of his most versatile yet.
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