OptiTech™ Beta

Performance Optimizing Technology

OptiTech™ Beta allows customers to modify engine trim parameters remotely using self-service configuration and governance features through over-the-air programming.

OptiTech Infographic

Optimize Performance

OptiTech™’s template-based workflow allows users to test, validate and deploy their own unique trim parameter combinations for specific driver, grade, terrain or regional preferences.  

Improve Efficiency

Over-the-air programming technology eliminates service visits and minimizes the downtime needed to change engine trim parameters. The ability to adjust individual parameters remotely and at scale equips fleets with greater control over cost factors like fuel efficiency. 

Augment Safety

Trim monitoring features such as notification and auto-correction of unauthorized engine trim modifications augment driver safety and ensure consistent application of trim settings according to the fleet manager’s requirements.


Download the OptiTech™ Beta Product Fact Sheet


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