Cummins Marine Engines and Gensets for Recreational and Superyachts Vessels

Powerfully Elegant

When an engineer coins an engine as “elegant” it means something more than just regal or stylish in appearance. It means simple, straightforward and streamlined in operation – a solution that harnesses complex, innovative technology to make everything work seamlessly and easily.

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A Single Solution to All Your Yacht Power Needs

With Cummins, you can get both your propulsion engines and your auxiliary power from a single, reliable source. Your crew can use one set of diagnostic tools on all your engines. And the best part? All maintenance or service questions can be answered by calling a single number – (1-800-CUMMINSTM), where our Cummins experts are available to lend assistance 24/7. It’s the complete package, whether you’re cruising the Greek islands or outrunning a tropical storm, we’ve got you covered.


Emerald Azzurra

Reliable Marine Power That’s Ready When You Need It

Cummins propulsion engine options for pleasure boats, superyachts, fast ferries and crew boats range from 450 to 5100 horsepower and include the X15, QSK19, QSK38, QSK60, and QSK95. Whether you’re on a relaxing cruise or running full speed ahead, the ability to drive the props continuously for hours without undue strain is key for reliability. The Cummins Modular Common Rail System (MCRS) provides the high-pressure fuel injection needed to achieve the highest levels of performance with uncompromising reliability.

MegaWatts for MegaYachts

As every mariner knows, you need reassurance before departing on a voyage that all your electrical needs are met in order to keep you safe and comfortable while at sea. You can trust Cummins’ complete line of constant speed marine power solutions designed specifically for marine electrical needs. These include electrical power generation for emergency or ship power, diesel electric propulsion, power units and hydraulic units. Output of the Cummins Onan QuietDiesel marine generators ranges from 4 KWe to 65KWe and are available in your choice of 50 or 60 hertz. Auxiliary power solutions with output going up to 1240 kW are available for vessels that require more significant hotel loads.

We’ve Got Your Stern

Powerful performance is outpaced only by peace of mind. No matter where your voyage takes you, Cummins is there. With locations in 190 countries and territories, we offer local support wherever and whenever you need us. Regardless of your coordinates, Cummins will be there to keep you running in a world that’s Always On.

Global Leaders Embrace Technological Leadership

For 100 years, Cummins has powered success and impacted everyday life around the world. Top executives that are tasked with running healthcare systems, social media giants, trucking titans, technology companies and high-speed passenger ferries depend on Cummins to help them deliver the necessities of everyday life. We’re leveraging our proven technological leadership and global service presence to deliver comprehensive power solutions for the recreational and superyacht markets.

The Alaskan Classic

The Seacrest

The M/Y Eugenio

The Kilimanjaro VII

Powerplay: Catamarans and Cummins

Huckins 38 Sportsman Hybrid

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