PowerCommand iWatch Network Support Files

Welcome to the new PowerCommand iWatch100 and network support files download page. This page is meant for use by Cummins DFSE, Technicians, Networks/Systems Groups and Internal Engineers using LonMaker™ for Windows.

This page contains the latest files for supporting PowerCommand Networks. What is included on this page are the latest Cummins Plugins, application files, Visio stencils and Installation/Application manuals for the PCC1301, PCC1302, PCC2300, PCC3300, PCC3100, PCC2100, PCC3200, CCMG, CCMT, DIM, Annunciator, PCATS, ModLon and ModLon II. Please note the disclaimer found on our Terms of Use page.

These files are compressed as ZIP archives. Some of the files contained in the ZIP acrchives are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can view these PDF files by using their free reader software available here. You can de–compress and extract ZIP files by using WinZip’s software available here.

Network Controller Update

PCC2100 A12.zip addresses ECR14648 - Network Terminator Switch Position indicator, and ECR19214 - Fuel Rate for CAN based engines (33.8KB)

PowerCommand iWatch

Smart Server 2.0 Down Grade (1.72MB) – This ZIP file contains the instructions and image files required to down grade an Echelon SmartServer in order to allow the Cummins iWatch 100 image to function properly. Extract all files into a single directory on your computer then follow the enclosed instruction to prepare the SmartServer for the application.

iWatch100 Image 4.0.0b Release (33.2MB)

078-0310-01B iLON e3 Users Guide

900-0545_I3 iWatch100

iWatch Wireless

Contact OmniMetrix for further information.


Instructions Sheet (4MB, 11/07) – ZIP file. This folder contains the instruction sheets for the PowerCommand FT–10 Network devices.

Manuals (28MB, 11/07) – ZIP file. This folder contains the PowerCommand FT–10 Network manual. A separate file for Appendix B and F and a copy of the iWatch100 manual.

ModLonI (912kb, 11/07) and ModLonII (1.7MB, 11/07) – ZIP files. These folders contain documentation for the respective ModLon devices.

Presentation Clips (6.6MB, 11/07) – ZIP file. This folder contains a Power Point presentation to walk you through setting up an iWatch100 project.

Sales Sheets (2.38MB, 5/10) – ZIP file. This folder contains the sales sheets for the PowerCommand FT–10 Network devices.

Training Materials (4.7MB, 11/07) – ZIP file. This folder contains misc. reference information on PowerCommand FT–10 Network devices and other useful PC info.

Other Sections and files

Plug-ins Oct–2005 (5.4MB, 11/07) – ZIP file. This folder contains a copy of the last revision to the Cummins LonWorks plug–in tools.

Cummins LonMaker Support Files November 2016 - ZIP file. Extract into the root of C

Recommended Directory Structure

Device files should be installed at:

C:\LonWorks\import\Cummins\FTT–10 Devices\{Device Name}\

Stencils should be installed at:


Format/Resource Files should be installed at:


**Note: If LonMaker for Windows is installed from Cummins Software Shelf all of the directories should change to C:\LonWorks\...


  1. Initial Release of the iWatch100 CD

  1. Updated Manual and Quick–Start Guide with LNS Turbo Warning.
  2. Updated the image file to include a new genset picture and fix the ConnectionManager.xml file that created a modem issue.
  3. Created a drop in solution for the PCC3200 (Dominion) control so that the engine run time will be read correctly.

  1. Added the files necessary to support the 1301–ModBus control.
    1. Created a new stencil
    2. Created a new manual
    3. Image folder added
    4. Setup guide for the 1301 added
  2. Updated the quickstart guide and the iWatch manual.
  3. Updated the zip file for the new stencils and format files.
  4. Updated the sales spec sheet to include the 1301 Modbus control.

  1. Created files necessary to support the 2100, 3100 & 3200 controls
    1. Created new stencil
    2. Created new manual and reconcile it with the 1301(Modbus) manual
    3. Image folders added
    4. Setup guide for the 2100,3100 & 3200 added and reconciled with the 1301(ModBus) control
  2. Updated the quickstart guide and the iWatch manual

  1. Updated all of the iWatch100 software to be compatible with the e3 version update to the iLon100.
  2. Allow up to four gen controls on iWatch100 (13xx, 2100, 3100, 3200, CCMG) and four transfer switches (OTPC, CCMT) – out of the box.
  3. Created template LonWorks databases for 2100, 3100, and 3200 gen controls.

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