Truck Equipment Manufacturers and Body Builders

Cummins and our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers have a mutual interest in delivering the highest-quality products. Installation Quality Audits (IQA) are intended to ensure that end user customers have rewarding experiences with their vehicles.

Cummins Inc provides specific support for TEM and Body Builder companies that use Cummins power to drive devices, either directly from the engine or through alternate means such as the transmission.

Support services offered by Cummins Inc.

  • Technical support for mechanical and electronic integration of Cummins engines. 
  • Assistance with proper engine electronic feature configuration
  • Provide access to Cummins technical documents that are necessary for successful integration of Cummins engines
  • Interface to Electronic Engine Speed Controller suppliers and truck OEMs regarding integration issues
  • Download software updates, review FAQs and troubleshooting, get licensing support and more via our Digital Tools page

Cummins engines support REPTO, FEPTO, Split Shaft PTO, as well as 6 bolt and 8 bolt PTO devices.  Note that specific support may be dependent on the engine model, rating, truck model and the selected driveline

Typical Applications (not all inclusive)

  • REPTO/FEPTO – Refuse Trucks, Cement Mixers, Cranes, and Sewer Cleaners
  • Split Shaft PTO – Emergency Vehicles, Hydro Excavators, Sewer Cleaners, Concrete Pumpers, Oil and Gas Service Rigs, and Drilling Rigs
  • 6/8 Bolt – Paint Stripers, Fuel Tankers, Propane Tankers, Water Tankers, Roll Offs, and Dump Trucks

Currently supported engine control interfaces

  • Standard Cab PTO control – Use of the OEM provided Cab Cruise/PTO switches to control engine speed
  • Remote Station PTO control – Uses direct wiring of PTO On/Off and Set/Resume back to the Cummins ECM.  This method allows the cab PTO switches to remain multiplexed through the truck
  • Remote PTO control – Uses direct wiring or multiplexing of one switch to set engine speed to one of five preset engine speeds
  • Remote Accelerator – Uses a potentiometer setup (hardwired or multiplexed) to select a desire engine speed
  • TSC1 Control – Utilizes SAE J1939 PGN 0 (TSC1) in order to operate the engine at a particular speed or torque or to enforce a speed or torque limit
  • Transmission Driven PTO – For Split Shaft PTO rigs allows the selection of custom governor tuning for a particular application.  Also disables speedometer while in split shaft mode.
  • Fire Pressure Governor – For emergency vehicles

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