Performance that Pays: Mining Customer Testimonials

Cummins powered equipment can be found at mining sites around the globe. Below are just a few examples of how Cummins helps mining customers excel in the real world. 

Vigo Coal Company

The Vigo Coal Company in Indiana runs a 24/7 operation at the Friendsville Mine, mining coal that is used to meet the region’s energy needs. A Cummins customer for over 17 years, Vigo operates 19 pieces of large mining equipment powered by Cummins High-Horsepower engines. Following a disciplined maintenance schedule that includes following all published service intervals and proactive maintenance helps Vigo Coal ensure maximum uptime from their equipment. When the QSK60 powering their Hitachi EX3600 excavator reached 26,000 hours and 1.7 million gallons of fuel burned (70 percent longer than industry standard), Vigo proactively scheduled a running takeout and teardown of the engine.

Watch the video below to see the results of the teardown and learn more about how Vigo Coal and Cummins are working together to achieve Uptime That Pays.

Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co. Ltd

Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co. Ltd is a company that manages coal mining on a massive scale. At the twin open-pit mines of Haerwusu and Heidaigou, located at Zhungeer, Inner Mongolia, China, the huge fleet of almost 300 haul trucks are all powered by Cummins engines. Despite severe temperatures that can fall as low as -35C (-31F) and harsh winds whipping up clouds of abrasive dust, nothing stops the Cummins-powered haul trucks, excavators, loaders and drills from working around the clock. While exceptional performance over time under these challenging conditions is critical, it’s also the total support package provided by the Cummins on-site service team that makes Cummins the engine supplier of choice for Shenhua Zhungeer.

The ASARCO Ray Mine

The ASARCO Ray Mine in Arizona is always looking to maximize haul truck availability, lower fuel consumption and enhance overall performance. Repowering equipment is a key strategy to accomplish those goals, and Cummins Rocky Mountain has been a key partner, repowering close to 100 pieces of equipment for the mine, including drill rigs, dozers, water trucks, cable reelers, generators and haul trucks. When it became apparent that the mine’s fleet of Liebherr T 282B 400-ton haul trucks needed engine replacement, a Cummins team led by Brad Scow, General Manager – Mining, offered ASARCO a unique proposal. The team promised to build a complete turnkey module, replacing the competitive engine and installing the turnkey module in a three-day time frame.

Watch the video below to follow the repower story and see the unbelievable results.

Scow explains the three-year project in an engine walkaround video, available below.

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