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Our energy working for you.Our energy working for you.

Environmental Mission

Meeting worldwide standards

As part of its global emissions strategy, Cummins Power Generation focuses on meeting or exceeding U.S. EPA and EU emissions standards, as these standards are the world's most stringent and all–encompassing. This strategy assures end–users of the best power generation solution for their application, regardless of country or continent.

Although many countries, including China, India, Japan and Singapore, now regulate emissions from stationary and nonroad diesel engines, these regulations vary from one country to the next. Industry organizations emphasize the need for harmonized standards worldwide—and regulations are trending in that direction.

Our Environmental Commitment

Cummins Power Generation is committed to providing products that minimize their impact on the environment. We are developing cleaner combustion techniques with natural gas and diesel reciprocating engine generators, plus factory-integrated exhaust aftertreatment that allows these products to meet stringent global emissions standards.

Cummins Power Generation is improving the fuel efficiency of all its engines—because less fuel consumed means fewer emissions overall. Sophisticated electronic engine controls have virtually eliminated visible smoke, and better engine design has reduced lubricating oil consumption to only 0.15 percent of fuel consumed—the best in the industry. Our lean-burn gas engine generators used in combined heat and power (CHP) applications significantly reduce wasted energy and overall emissions.

To minimize other operational impacts, our generators are designed to exhibit inherently low noise and low vibration. With optional advanced sound-attenuated enclosures, even large generator sets can be located near residential areas without affecting the local environment.

Cummins Power Generation is part of Cummins Inc., a corporation recognized for its environmental progress, and for being the first engine manufacturer to meet the on-highway standards established by EPA in 2002. A major part of its $240 million annual research and engineering budget is dedicated to environmental fuel-efficiency improvements.

For further information read about Cummins Inc global citizenship and environmental policies.

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