Diversity Training

One thing that sets Cummins apart from other companies is diversity training.

All employees are required to complete Spectrum Diversity Training, an all-day session that teaches employees not only how to interact with co-workers who have different backgrounds and ethnicities, but also the Business Case for Diversity.

The training uses role playing, group exercises, video and more to show employees that diverse organizations are better able to develop creative solutions to difficult business problems than companies where every employee is alike.

In addition to diversity training, new employees are required to take courses on the Treatment of Others, Sexual Harassment and Cummins Code of Conduct. All are critical toward Cummins' goal of creating the right work environment, where employees can focus on the task at hand without worrying where they came from or the background of their families. 

But diversity training doesn't stop with new employees. It's also part of the Cummins Leadership Development System. The training is designed to help leaders analyze and address management issues with a diversity component. They learn to make employee differences work for the company rather than divide it.

Leaders also get training in results management, coaching and driving change.

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