Coastal Tankers: A Vital Link


Cummins Vessel Reference #605

A 2700 ton tanker.

In Asian ports like Hong Kong and Singapore it is usual to see a cluster of small coastal tankers anchored off to one side. Unlike the big crude carriers, these little ships carry refined products throughout the area to supply the small ports and harbours. Relatively unheralded they are often launched and go into service with out all the fan fare that accompanies their very large cousins.

Ocean Leader Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, located in the Pearl River delta of Guangdong Province southern China, specializes in building these coastal tankers. Established in 2003 the modern shipyard has facilities that allow the construction of four 100-meter ships at a time. A recently added plasma cutting-machine has enhanced the productivity of an already talented staff.

The 599 ton tanker.

As two recent deliveries demonstrate, they make attractive and functional vessels. Design work for the summer of 2010-delivered, 599-ton M/V Supreme was done in-house. The ship has capacity for 810 cubic meters of petroleum cargo. The 42.5 by 11.8-meter vessel also has accommodation for a crew of ten. Additional tankage includes 33 cubic meters for fuel, 10 cubic meters for water and 1.3 cubic meters for lube oil. There is a TANDNO TM-ZR 505 main deck crane for handling hoses.

The twin Cummins KTA19-M main engines of the Supreme.

Main propulsion power is a pair of six-cylinder Cummins KTA19-M delivering 600 HP each at 1800 RPM for a total of1200 HP. The engines turn 2000 m/m propellers on 140 m/m shafts through HCT400A gears with 6;1 reduction to give the vessel 9,5 knots of speed. A pair of Cummins 6BTA2.9-powered generator sets provides auxiliary power.

In 2008, the Ocean Leader yard delivered a larger tank ship, the 2700 DWT M/V Radiance which was built to a design by Guangzhou XED Ship Design Co,. Ltd. Like the M/V Supreme, the Radiance is owned by Hong Kong based Sino Tanker Pte. Ltd. But she is significantly larger at 76.85 by 14-meterd with a molded depth of 6.3-meters. Cargo capacity includes a total of 2755 cubic meters of tanks. Fuel tankage is also larger at 141 cubic meters as is water at 188 cubic meters.

A pair of Cummins KTA38-M engines, rated at 900 HP each, supplies 1800 HP of propulsion power. They turn 2060 m/m propellers on 160 m/m shafts through HCT800 gears with 6.85:1 ratios. Providing 10.7-knot speeds. Auxiliary power is provided by two Cummins 6CTA8.3 powered generator sets. Accommodation is provided for a crew of 13.

For further information:

Ocean Leader Shipbuilding Co. Ltd
Zu Pai Industrail Park,
Shen Wan Town,
Zhong Shan, Guangdong, China
Phone: 86 760 8673 0608

Guangzhou XED Ship Design Co. Ltd
1-9F, 32, Dongxiao Road
P.R. China 510230
Phone: 86 20 3439 2227

Linda Zhang,
Southern China
Manager Cummins Marine
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Phone: 86 20 3998 2999

Alan Haig-Brown

Alan Haig-Brown

Over 30 years as an author for global commercial marine and fishing publications backed with hands-on experience on commercial fishing boats and coastal freighters makes Alan Haig-Brown uniquely qualified to provide vessel reference articles for Cummins Marine. You can find him in shipyards around the world, and on his own website,

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