Catamaran-Mounted Remote Controlled Net Cleaner


Cummins Vessel Reference #807

In sea trials the Bravo II was showing her style.

Armstrong Marine has grown out of the solid history of Northwest aluminum boat construction. Having worked their built vessels on both sides of the Canada-US border, they have earned a strong reputation for quality at the Port Angeles location. As with much of the early aluminum boat building, they started with fishing boats and have expanded to a wide range of workboats including passenger, patrol, pilot and landing craft. They build both mono hulls and catamarans.

Nothing has been spared in out fitting the wheelhouse. Asron Bruce photo

Their most recent delivery is a remarkable and innovative vessel that illustrates their ability to excel with one-off designs. Built for Badinotti Net Services Canada, the 11.9 by 6-meter catamaran is dedicated to the in-water cleaning of salmon farm nets. The two hulls have a molded depth of 2.49 meters. With a house set well forward the vessel has a wide expanse of aft deck to support the innovative machinery for cleaning the nets.

The large after deck supports the washer vehicles and control booth.

Badinotti’s Canadian CEO Kevin Onclin explains the evolving need that the boat and its equipment are designed to meet. “In 2017 most farm companies have completely eliminated the use of antifouling coatings from their operations. As a result the traditional business model for the net service that relied upon dipping or coating of nets had to adapt and reinvent operations to keep pace. Badinotti Net Services added the department of On Site Net Washing (OSW) over 3 years ago in order to respond to our customers’ new service requirements,” he said.

One of the two Cummins Marine QSB6.7 engines. The shaft goes aft under the small genset. Asron Bruce photo

The process of cleaning a net, when still suspended in the water, requires a Remote Controlled Net Cleaner (RONC) that is controlled by an operator on a boat on the surface. Initially working from the deck of a converted fishing boat, the firm spent two years researching and developing the concept of a dedicated vessel. The result is the Bravo II, Onclin explained, “We were looking to custom build a boat for on site washing that would maximize the efficiencies for the machinery, equipment and crews. We selected a Catamaran design to create a stable safe working platform for the crews and machinery as most of the hours of operation occur at the farm sites as opposed to travelling between or to sites.”

A stern view shows the advantages of the catamaran hull for this work boat.

The extended design period allowed attention to detail to fully outfit the vessel to the job, For example the boat produces 750 gallons of fresh water per day which allows all of the net cleaning equipment, which is run with saltwater, to be soaked and rinsed on a routine basis. This will extend the life of all the working parts. The Bravo II is designed with accommodations for a four-person crew.

A pair of Cummins Marine QSB6.7 engines each delivering 480 HP at 3,000-RPM power the new vessel. The engines turn 28 by 24-inch four-blade dyan quad bronze props on two-inch shafts through ZF286A gears with1.962:1 ratios. With left and right tuning props mounted in each hull, together with a Imtra SH300 bow thruster, the boat has excellent station keeping abilities. The catamaran, delivered in January this year, has a top speed of 12 knots and cruises at ten knots.

The two RONCs are launched with the aide of a MPH knuckle-boom marine crane with a 1000-kilogram lift at 7.6 meters. They are controlled via CCTV monitors and joy sticks by two operators seated in a aft deck mounted compartment.

Sea trial photos courtesy of Badinotti Net Services,

Interior photos Aaron Bruce/Cummins

For further information:

Kevin R. Onclin
Badinotti Net Services Canada, Ltd.
4266 Middle Point Dr.
Campbell River, BC
Canada, V9H 1N6
Phone: 250 830 0100
Mobile: 250 204 2351

Aaron Bruce
Marine Sales Manager
Cummins Western Canada
18452 96th Ave.
Surrey, BC
Canada V4N 3P8
Phone: 604 882 5726
Mobile: 604 220 3765

Armstrong Marine
151 Octane Lane,
Port Angeles,
Washington, USA 98362
Phone: 360 457 5752

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